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Interior Design

Couples Therapy

Therapy to support couples and families to improve communication and develop healthy relationships.

Navigating relationships can often be challenging, stressful and at times painful.   We bring our own histories, values, strengths, weaknesses, hurts and joys to our relationships and there are times that, despite our best intentions, we can't seem to find our way through the difficulties.


Couples therapy can provide a supportive and non-judgemental place to explore each other's perspectives, thoughts and emotions.  Gaining an understanding of the other person's perspectives, thoughts and emotions often leads to a greater appreciation of the other person as well as compassion for their needs.


Couples therapy can helpful by

  • identifying and building on the strengths of the relationship,

  • developing healthier communication styles and patterns

  • understanding how our family histories, beliefs, values and expectations impact on our relationships

  • exploring possible areas of change 

  • providing strategies for change


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